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Procurement & Catering

Purchase Power

  • With our preferred independent Service Partner, GenPro, you will gain purchasing power through an independent procurement company that negotiates and agrees volume-based procurement contracts to achieve best prices.

Full Transparency

  • GenPro guarantees full transparency by independent auditors
  • All rebates are returned to you
  • Currently 800+ vessels on procurement contracts
  • GenPro’s income is derived from a brokerage fee paid by suppliers to reflect GenPro’s efforts in negotiating best contract terms and monitoring the client’s individual performance.


  • CSM Energy places the wellbeing of its employees above all else. Nutrition, fitness and mental health are of vital importance to the overall welfare of our crews.
  • Our preferred independent Service Partner,MCTC, is an international maritime catering management and training business with its primary vision being to significantly change the quality of the meals served on board vessels, thus contributing to healthier eating habits.
  • A wide variety of catering and training programmes is provided to chefs both on board via distance learning and ashore using practical cooking. This is coupled with ensuring high standards of training in catering management to galley staff.